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Stainless steel staws

Item No.: 011
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  • A classy, organically responsible substitute to one-use plastic straws, these shiny stainless-steel straws increase a surge of stylishness to any beverage. Perfect for mixtures, lemonade, frozen coffee drinks, smoothies, malts and more

  • These sophisticated and shiny, stainless-steel drinking straws can add a division of enthusiasm and quirkiness to exceptional occasions and everyday meals alike. A well-designed substitute to plastic disposable straws, they can be used for a wide variety of drinks.

  • Straws are dishwasher safe. If you're like us and overlook to wash the straws instantaneously, we include the cleaning brush that effortlessly fits and cleanses these straws. These straws will last for ages. They will not break if throw down. They are washable and non-toxic.